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The BAMF Band is a high tension loop that provides resistance in order to kick weakness out . Ideal for preparing, activating, and strengthening the glutes, hips, hamstrings, and entire lower body. By positioning the durable elastic band above both knees during a warm-up walk—be it forward, backward, or side-to-side movements, you will strengthen your hip abductors and external rotators while training better form and alignment for your squats, deadlifts, and every rucking step you take. You can also wear the BAMF Band during lifting itself to help keep your knees properly pushed out and reduce potential injury risks.

Measuring 3" in width and 2 unique lengths (64cm & 84cm), the BAMF Band is a better alternative to traditional mobility bands and competitor loops for this type of training, as it won’t slide or slip during use due to the infused rubber. You will not be able to break this band. These BAMFs offer serious bang for your buck in terms of return on investment, portability, and effectiveness as a rehab tool, making it a “GO TO” addition for beginner and experienced Operators.

BAMF Bands

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